I'm not positive if this is the right list, or if other info is required.
If this is the wrong list, please recomend a better one. If other info is 
desired, just ask.

I am having some problems with the PECL PS (postscript) extension. For some 
commands, everything works properly, but when the code tries to deal with 
fonts, it seg faults and core dumps. In my code, the problem appears to be 
caused by the ps_setfont command. 
I have some code that uses it that used to work, but no longer does. I have 
confirmed the same behaviour with the example code that ships with the 
extension, glyphlist.php for a specific example. I have un-installed and 
reinstalled the php5-ps (64 bit) package through the package manager to no 

sample code and system info follows sig.

any assistance appreciated,

system is Kubuntu 12.10 64bit, kernel version 3.5.0-18,  php 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1 
according to php -v

my sample code:
if two marked lines are left in, seg faults, otherwise works

$psdoc = ps_new();
ps_set_parameter($psdoc, 'SearchPath', $fonts_dir);

if (!ps_open_file($psdoc, $file)) 
    print "Cannot open PostScript file $file \n";

ps_set_info ($psdoc, 'Orientation' , 'Portrait');

ps_begin_page ($psdoc, 596, 842); 
$psfont = ps_findfont($psdoc, "ArialMT", "");
echo "<br>$psfont<br>";
ps_setfont($psdoc, $psfont, $font_size);//works if these two lines
ps_show_xy($psdoc, 'Hello World', 30, 400);//are commented out,
ps_setcolor ($psdoc , 'both' , 'rgb', 1, 0, 0, 0);
ps_arc ($psdoc, 30, 230, $dr2, 0, 360);


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