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> Hello,
> I'm not positive if this is the right list, or if other info is required.
> If this is the wrong list, please recomend a better one. If other info is
> desired, just ask.
> I am having some problems with the PECL PS (postscript) extension. For some
> commands, everything works properly, but when the code tries to deal with
> fonts, it seg faults and core dumps. In my code, the problem appears to be
> caused by the ps_setfont command.
> I have some code that uses it that used to work, but no longer does. I have
> confirmed the same behaviour with the example code that ships with the
> extension, glyphlist.php for a specific example. I have un-installed and
> reinstalled the php5-ps (64 bit) package through the package manager to no
> effect.

Hi Ray,

Does this issue coincide with an upgrade to PHP 5.4, and if so, which
version of PHP were you running before?

You could try to email the maintainer listed, Uwe Steinmann <
u...@steinmann.cx> or <ste...@php.net>, but it looks like it's been a while
since anyone has touched that code.

If this is because of backwards incompatible changes in PHP (e.g.,
http://php.net/manual/en/migration53.incompatible.php), you could try to
avoid the PHP bindings Uwe developed and merely use PHP to call a C program
that directly deals with his project pslib:

Sorry for the trouble,


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