On 12-12-2012 21:03, Paul M Foster wrote:
Second, you've hit on one of my pet peeves. Never never store huge
blocks of text in SQL files. It slows them down and there's no real
reason for it. There's no reason to force a DBMS to schlep around
massive clumps of text or binary data. That's what disk file systems are
for. Store the target data in a file and store a reference to the
location of the data in the SQL database. Or perhaps, use a NoSQL
solution. I don't know much about the internals of nosql systems, but I
would hope that the metadata about the text objects would be stored
separately from the "payload" (text object).


I actually disagree on this point. In the past, storing data in a database would make the entire database-system extremely slow and would eat up memory. These days, most database-systems can be (or even are) optimized to actually not do this anymore.

One positive aspect of storing such data in a database is the ability to search using full-text searches. For example, you could use the Sphinx Search Engine, which integrates into MySQL very well. It makes searching for specific words, phrases, etc. very simple and VERY fast.

So in this case, storing it in a database WOULD actually be a good idea IMO.

- Tul

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