While I fully understand the purpose of the do...while construct, I just never get used to seeing it used. (in other langs I had to deal with a 'repeat...until construct and dis-liked that also). I pretty much know if I'm going to have to deal with a "run at least once" when I'm coding and therefore code appropriately, altho I don't know in what ways I've handled it at this very moment.

That said - here is how I would ahve done your exercise. I just find it easier to read one's code when the conditions are declared up front rather than after reading thru some lines not knowing when or why they run:

$indent = "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;";
$a = 0;
while ($a <= 5)
        echo "A = $a<br>";
        $b = 0;
        while ($b <= 10)
                echo "$indent B = $b<br>";

To me - so much easier to comprehend at first glance. As soon as my eye comes to a block of code starting with a conditional like 'while', I readily see what makes it tick. Again I see the potential usefulness of doing it the other way as you did in your example, but in your case there wasn't a need for using 'do...while' since you structured it so that there was never a case where you had to force the loop to happen regardless of conditions.

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