A while loop is a blocking call.  Be careful with them.


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>On Dec 26, 2012, at 10:09 AM, Jim Giner <jim.gi...@albanyhandball.com>
>> While I fully understand the purpose of the do...while construct, I
>just never get used to seeing it used. (in other langs I had to deal
>with a 'repeat...until construct and dis-liked that also).  I pretty
>much know if I'm going to have to deal with a "run at least once" when
>I'm coding and therefore code appropriately, altho I don't know in what
>ways I've handled it at this very moment.
>> -snip-
>> To me - so much easier to comprehend at first glance.  As soon as my
>eye comes to a block of code starting with a conditional like 'while',
>I readily see what makes it tick.  Again I see the potential usefulness
>of doing it the other way as you did in your example, but in your case
>there wasn't a need for using 'do...while' since you structured it so
>that there was never a case where you had to force the loop to happen
>regardless of conditions.
>I too used while's instead of do's for the same reason.
>However, in my class I had a student show be the light (one can always
>learn from beginners).
>Think of it this way, you travel into the code knowing that at some
>point you're going to repeat the block of code IF a condition is going
>to be met within the block of code. With that consideration, the
>'do/while()' works.
>Using just a 'while()' for everything means you must determine the what
>the truth of the 'while()' is going to be AND set that value before the
>loop. Whereas, using a 'do/while()', you don't need to set the truth
>until the block of code has been implemented AND at that point
>determine the truth of the block of code.
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