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> While I fully understand the purpose of the do...while construct, I just 
> never get used to seeing it used. (in other langs I had to deal with a 
> 'repeat...until construct and dis-liked that also).  I pretty much know if 
> I'm going to have to deal with a "run at least once" when I'm coding and 
> therefore code appropriately, altho I don't know in what ways I've handled it 
> at this very moment.
> -snip-
> To me - so much easier to comprehend at first glance.  As soon as my eye 
> comes to a block of code starting with a conditional like 'while', I readily 
> see what makes it tick.  Again I see the potential usefulness of doing it the 
> other way as you did in your example, but in your case there wasn't a need 
> for using 'do...while' since you structured it so that there was never a case 
> where you had to force the loop to happen regardless of conditions.

I too used while's instead of do's for the same reason.

However, in my class I had a student show be the light (one can always learn 
from beginners).

Think of it this way, you travel into the code knowing that at some point 
you're going to repeat the block of code IF a condition is going to be met 
within the block of code. With that consideration, the 'do/while()' works.

Using just a 'while()' for everything means you must determine the what the 
truth of the 'while()' is going to be AND set that value before the loop. 
Whereas, using a 'do/while()', you don't need to set the truth until the block 
of code has been implemented AND at that point determine the truth of the block 
of code.



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