On 14-3-2013 17:43, Dale H. Cook wrote:
At 11:20 AM 3/14/2013, Jim Giner wrote:

And use a captcha (which I personally can never read!) to keep the robots at 

I dislike CAPTCHAs, and some bots are pretty good at beating them. I'm 
exploring alternatives that exploit the differences between the ways that bots 
deal with pages and the ways that humans deal with pages.

Captcha is not a specific system like the ones you're thinking of. Most people think of the unreadable scribbles which are made so incredibly hard to read that computers end up being better able to read them than humans (hey, that might be a good way of solving it! A reverse Turing test! Prove you're a computer, or be allowed to pass :p)

Anyway, there are more captcha systems around. Not just the text in an image one. A very specific captcha that I quite like is to have it ask a simple question. For instance "What is the capital of the UK?" Possible answers: [London, The color green, 27]. Or "Pick the option that represents a number: [Red, twelve, fire]". These very simple tasks require the computer/bot to correlate various types of information, which is very hard. For a human, this is very simple. It's simple, and very friendly to your guests. If you simply make 5 different questions, and have them rotate, I guarantee it will stop the bots for a very long time.

- Tul

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