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>> This behavior of the browser actually conforms to the standard as
>> far as
>> I know. The "target" attribute is attached only to the <a> tag,
>> according to w3schools.com
> Actually, the W3C HTML 4.01 Recommendation says:
>    target = frame-target [CI]
>    This attribute specifies the name of a frame where a document
>    is to be opened.
>    By assigning a name to a frame via the name attribute, authors
>    can refer to it as the "target" of links defined by other
>    elements. The target attribute may be set for elements that
>    create links (A, LINK), image maps (AREA), and forms (FORM).
> In the current HTML5 draft, target is explicitly a permitted
> attribute of the form tag -- although I believe it was originally
> marked as deprecated.

Indeed. In fact w3schools.com is known to be a very unreliable source of 
information these days. My advice would be to avoid it at all costs!



Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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