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> Jim Giner wrote:
>> Thanks for the pointer - but not what I'm looking to do.  Trying to make
>> it
>> effortless for the user so having to go and open a pdf would be another
>> pia.
> Actually it IS worth pointing out that how the browser handles a pdf file
> is very much controlled by the browser itself? Opening in a browser page
> only works if there is a suitable plugin, so what *I* get is the option to
> save file or open in a third party app as I don't currently have any
> plugins loaded for pdf.
> We use pdf's for agendas and minutes, but I have yet to find a reliable
> way to display them as a pop-up or opening in a separate page even using
> 'target'. The compromise I came up with is to open them in a flash player
> as in 
> http://northwaypc.org.uk/**fisheye/image/1030<http://northwaypc.org.uk/fisheye/image/1030>
Please, don't advise flash to anyone. It's outdated, and is not gonna be
supported for a long time anymore. iOS never supported, and Android does
also not support since Jelly Bean I think.
I checked your solution, and on my 1920x1080 screen, it shows the pdf quite
small. I can zoom, but the bounding box does not get bigger, which means I
have scroll the page from left to right to view it. In a native solution it
would show the PDF as wide as my screen is, which makes it normally
I don't see what the problem is with showing a pdf in a pop up or new
tab/window, it should work just as any other. Can u perhaps show us a
simple code that does not work? (under 50 lines of code, if possible).



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