Width and height parameters on an image aren't required in HTML, it's preferred 
to use CSS. If different browsers are displaying the image at different sizes 
I'd look at the browser zoom level maybe.

"Daniel Pöllmann" <poellmann.dan...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Well I think it depends.
>When the image is part of the website, like a chart or something like
>you can use the height and width attribute inside the img tag (don't
>alt for correct validation).
>When the image is part of the layout or you're having multiple images
>in a gallery with the same height and width you should use the
>corrosponding css.
>It might be useful to resize the image on serverside so that the
>doesn't have to load a big image and then resize it to a tiny pic. This
>will - in most cases - speed up your website. But you have to use the
>even with a perfectly sized picture, otherwise the browser will be
>when the image can't be loaded
>Am 02.06.2013 15:12 schrieb "georg" <georg.chamb...@telia.com>:
>> Possibly this issue is for other fora, which you might direct me,
>> I have been dablling making my own little webpages, however having
>> a nice
>> result jon fireforx, I realize picture sizes gets treated very
>> on different browsers !!!
>> so the looks of the pages get very strange from smaller (Opera) and
>> bigger (Explorer)
>> brower !!!
>> any hints for mitigation ?
>> br georg
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