georg <> wrote:
> Possibly this issue is for other fora, which you might direct me, anyways;

It's actually an HTML question. But most PHPers do a lot of HTML, too,
it turns. out. :)

> I have been dablling making my own little webpages, however having
> gotten a nice
> result jon fireforx, I realize picture sizes gets treated very
> differntly on different browsers !!!
> so the looks of the pages get very strange from smaller (Opera) and
> much bigger (Explorer)
> brower !!!

Cross-browser testing has been the bane of web design since basically
Day 0 of the WWW. It doesn't seem to be abating, either, while IE10
comes more in line, Opera and now Chrome are branching out, and we still
have a huge legacy of older IE versions. Achieving completely identical
views on different browsers is a fool's errand. Just get it close
enough, and move on.

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