On 24-6-2013 14:27, n...@nobswolf.info wrote:
You should give a complete programm so we can run exactly
the same you do, like this:


$item_amount_in_store = 223;

print ("$item_amount_in_store");
Please please please please don't do this!

First of all, I don't know why you would use the print *function* when you can also use the echo language construct (better and faster). But that's not that important; it's not bad to use it, just imo a bit ugly (pet peeve ;)).

But more importantly:
"$variable" is completely and utterly useless. You're basically creating a string, interpolating a variable in it, and adding no more content. This is effectively the same as saying:
Does that look right to you? To me it looks... wrong...

Why not just a simple:
echo $var;
print($var) if you really must.

And if you really really must cast the variable to a string, you can always use the explicit:
(string) $var

$update_amount = 7;
$item_amount_in_store += $update_amount;

print (" + $update_amount = $item_amount_in_store  ");

which gives this result:

223 + 7 = 230

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