2013/9/18 Negin Nickparsa <nickpa...@gmail.com>

> In general, what are the best ways to handle high traffic websites?
> VPS(clouds)?
> web analyzers?
> dedicated servers?
> distributed memory cache?

Yes :)

But seriously: That is a topic most of us spent much time to get into it.
You can explain it with a bunch of buzzwords. Additional, how do you define
"high traffic websites"? Do you already _have_ such a site? Or do you
_want_ it? It's important, because I've seen it far too often, that
projects spent too much effort in their "high traffic infrastructure" and
at the end it wasn't that high traffic ;) I wont say, that you cannot be
successfull, but you should start with an effort you can handle.


> Sincerely
> Negin Nickparsa


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