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> to be more in details,suppose the website has 80,000 users and each page
> takes 200 ms to be rendered and you have thousand hits in a second so we
> want to reduce the time of rendering. is there any way to reduce the
> rendering time?
> other thing is suppose they want to upload files simultaneously and the
> videos are in the website not on another server like YouTube and so streams
> are really consuming the bandwidth.
> Also,It is troublesome to get backups,when getting backups you have problem
> of lock backing up with bulk of data.

Your question is impossible to answer efficiently without profiling. You need 
to know what PHP is doing in those 200ms before you can target your 
optimisations for maximum effect.

I use xdebug to produce trace files. From there I can see exactly what is 
taking the most amount of time, and then I can look in to how to make that 
thing faster. When I'm certain there is no faster way to do what it's doing I 
move on to the next biggest thing.

Of course there are generic things you should do such as adding an opcode cache 
and looking at your server setup, but targeted optimisation is far better than 
trying generic stuff.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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