At 10:40 AM -0700 7/26/01, Philip Hallstrom wrote:
>>  I'd probably suggest using more of a "What PHP can do" tactic rather than
>>  "Who's using PHP".  I'm sorry, but the latter tactic seems like a jumping
>>  on the bandwagon approach.
>Yeah, but if you're trying to convince a pointy haired boss, this is the
>route you have to take.  It's sad, but it's true.

The person in question isn't the PHB type, but I'm not sure how many 
layers may have to be traversed in the chain of command.  Given that, 
as information is repeated, nuances of argument drop out, I figure 
that the names may remain.  And there's the old business saw that 
nobody was ever fired for doing whatever everybody else was doing.

Maurice Rickard

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