At 01:14 PM 7/26/2001 -0400, Maurice Rickard wrote:
>While I do appreciate people's contributions, let me frame the discussion 
>a little.  The person I need to convince is an administrator of an 
>organization within North America, and he's never heard of PHP.  The 
>response I'm hoping to provoke in him is something like this:  "You mean 
>_________ is using this PHP thing?  Wow!  They know what they're doing, so 
>we'd better use it, too!"
>Does this help frame things?  Thanks for the suggestions!

I'd probably suggest using more of a "What PHP can do" tactic rather than 
"Who's using PHP".  I'm sorry, but the latter tactic seems like a jumping 
on the bandwagon approach.

John Meyer

If we didn't have Microsoft, we'd have to blame ourselves for all of our 
programs crashing

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