[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Stephan HüBner) wrote:

 > Hello all,
 > another newbie-question, probably... :-)
 > And sorry for my (possibly) bad english, I'm from Germany.
 > the problem I noticed is that I have to write to a file on the server. I
 > created a directory where I store the files, upload a data-file into it and
 > tried to write to it via a php-file. But it seems I don't have the right to
 > write to it and somehow I can't change that with the ftp-programm I have
 > ("Interarchy" on the Mac). So, does anybody know if there is a solution for
 > this? I mean, others have to write to the server too, so there must be a way
 > to do it... (btw, it's a linux or unix server where the pages are on).
 > Thanks for your thoughts.

contact the system administrator and tell him to set the right
permissions so the webserver can write files in the wanted dir.

Henrik Hansen

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