>in interarchy, after you have uploaded the file, select the file and choose
>"Set Permissions..." from the Listing diresctory. then make sure the box
>group write is checked.

If you can do that, you can *PROBABLY* make it "world-writeable"


Either of these suggestions is *EXTREMELY* dangerous!!!

In *NEITHER* case should the file in question be placed in your web-tree --
Put it in a sub-directory of your home directory.

In *BOTH* these cases, you are *INVITING* disaster from any other user on
your server who feels like writing *ANYTHING* they desire into your file,
*UNLESS* you are running under SAFE_MODE and have the directory/user
containing the file in your php.ini as the whatsit that lets you, and only
you, alter the file.

Re-read http://php.net security page for details about SAFE MODE and the
setting I'm drawing a blank on for php.ini

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