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> Hello all,

hi stephan,

> another newbie-question, probably... :-)

they all are, at first!

> And sorry for my (possibly) bad english, I'm from Germany.

sorry for mine, i'm from virginia :)

> the problem I noticed is that I have to write to a file on the server. I
> created a directory where I store the files, upload a data-file into it and
> tried to write to it via a php-file. But it seems I don't have the right to
> write to it and somehow I can't change that with the ftp-programm I have
> ("Interarchy" on the Mac). So, does anybody know if there is a solution for
> this? I mean, others have to write to the server too, so there must be a way
> to do it... (btw, it's a linux or unix server where the pages are on).
> Thanks for your thoughts.

there are a couple of things going on here. first, when you ftp to the
server, you are probably logging on as yourself. php is probably running as
whatever user the webserver is running as. those are most likely two
different users.

one option you have is to ftp the file as the same user the webserver runs
as. this may not really be a viable option.

another option is to create a group on the server, and put your user and the
webserver user both in that group.

when you ftp the file, you will need to make sure it is group writeable. you
can do this from the command line on the server, or from interarchy as well.

in interarchy, after you have uploaded the file, select the file and choose
"Set Permissions..." from the Listing diresctory. then make sure the box for
group write is checked.

> Have a nice day,
> Stephan Huebner

hope this helps,

 -- mike cullerton

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