>Matt has it right.  I'm trying to go for a more professional looking
>thing... and I do want it to display a notice when the login fails.  I
>have thought of another way to do it... but it's not pretty, so I'm
>still open to suggestions.  A while back I posted a pseudo-code
>explanation of what it is... attached to this e-mail is the actual
>page... Hopefully it will either shed some light on my predicament or
>help you all to alert me to any major errors that are probably hiding in
>there =>

Attached is your code modified to my way of thinking (not that I am right, just
a different way of doing things that will not require all the excessive code for
the header stuff).

I always try and limit the use of header calls to tasks that actually have to
move to another page.  As such this page does everything internally now (and has
been commented to show the logic train).

IMO it is far more clear, concise, and compact than calling to external classes
or including lots of header code...  which as I believe I've shown you can do
without and still not have ugly page descriptors.

Review and do with as you wish.


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