On 30-Jul-2001 Ben Bleything wrote:
> All I want to do is output "Authentication failed" above the form if
> they type in invalid credentials.  I want to do it by passing a header
> that contains the same information as if there were a form submitted
> that contained a field name "failed" and value "true".  Aside from this
> one application, I can think of many other places where this would be
> valuable.
> Am I being unclear?  It seems that my question was not understood.
> Please let me know so I can try to re-explain.


    if (isset ($login)) {
       if (checkuser($login, $passwd)) {
         Header('Location: /goodguy.php');
       } else {
         Header('Location: '. $PHP_SELF);

    if (file_exists($lock)) 
        echo 'Authentication failed', '<br>'


    // do yer form
    '<form method="POST" ACTION="' .$PHP_SELF .'"';

       <input text name=login >
       <input text name=passwd >


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