Some of the original message:
> still don't see the need to pass as a header...
> you avoid the as you
just get
> login.php each time as far as the displayed URL.
> my opinion, let the scripting handle all the logic and ease off the header
> functions.

The whole idea behind his point is so the user cannot see what's going on
behind the scenes.  It's just another method of making it look more

It's not really a case of headers, Ben just wanted to know if it is at all
possible to use PHP to keep the URL from showing the query as opposed to
having to use JavaScript or anything else.

People kept giving him different solutions to something he didn't need
solutions for -- he already had the verification and if-then's down in the
script... He just wanted one little thing about making the browser show only
the simple URL and not let it change.  That's all.   =)

What a confusing thread, eh?  hehe..  At least if someone wants to read
something funny and understands the American Language, this is the thread to
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- Matt Rogers
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