I agree with the "try to answer your own question first" theory that you

I have used PHP for almost 2 years now, and just subscribed to this list
a month or two ago, but have yet to ask a single question...  But I
realize we're all at different skill levels, and so far, I haven't done
anything as advanced as some of the members of this list. :)

I think it's great that the members of this list are as selfless as they
are in helping people try to solve their problems and helping newbies
learn how to do some great things with PHP, but it seems to me that it
is -much- more time intensive to subscribe to this list and post a
message saying "how do I send mail with PHP?" than to go to www.php.net
and click on "Mail functions" in the manual. :)

Perhaps the "Mailing Lists" page on php.net could have a paragraph at
the top saying "before asking for help on the PHP mailing lists, check
the <link>annotated manual</link> for examples and explanations" ?
Anyone else agree?

As for the FAQ proposal, I think it would be great for someone to set up
a site where FAQ items could be posted (no matter -how- trivial they may
seem to an experienced PHP user) and moderated into a heirarchy by
subject...  The annotations in the PHP manual can be incredibly helpful
on occasion.


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Let me give just one reply.. I did read them all..

I don't hate Kyle Smith /me rather uses the energy needed to hate in a 
positive way.. Like to write docs for an opensource project. Did a

Phil Driscoll.. you win. I'm Dutch. No I don't have time to go a few
over my mail just to see if I can put things nicer or just in another
way. Have to develop some applications.. learn new stuff.. review old
code to 
make it better.. I keep on learning :-)

I agree with Justin Farnsworth and Scott [gts].. (And a few others..)

I don't think I've got an attitude problem. I don't know everything but
do bother to find information before I start asking questions to others
need to spend their VALUABLE time on MY problem.
IMHO someone who found php.net and this list to ask his/her question
also have clicked on the DOCUMENTATION and downloaded the manual of
I'd say only ask your question if it's not in the docs (perhaps not 100%

clear) or in the archive.. Searchengines can be a great source too.. If
it's in the archive it will cost less time then to wait for an answer. 
Sure you can look over something.... even if it's staring in your face..

I'm quite sure others will point that out to anyone who send a

There's nothing wrong with being a newbie.. the only newbie-problem I 
see/have is the lazy one.. ask ask ask ask without taking the time to
the manual or to do a search in the archive. Sure there are newbies who 
read the manual.. get some tutorials.. thats good. They should get all
support they need..

Ask yourself.. who has an attitude problem here.. Someone who didn't
the manual.. or someone (/me) who wrote to RTFM.
I find it worth mentioning that he finally downloaded the manual..

Enough bandwith and time wasted.



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