> selecting behavior possible. Currenty all questions go to php-general. If
> there were, say, a php-newuser and a php-questions list then perhaps
> php-general could be used for slightly higher level discussions. Actually

This paricular can of worms has been discussed *WAY* too often already.

Check the archives.

We've already split off a half-dozen lists, to varying degress of success...

For sure, there are far too many INSTALL and WINDOWS questions here in
GENERAL, when there's perfectly good lists for those questions!

What *DOES* work well in my limited experience is regional lists set up by
PHP User Groups...  Anybody else experience this or have an alternate
experience?  Respond off-list please.  I'll summarize.

Frequent Posters of questions that are in the manual usually figure out how
to work the manual sooner or later.

If you can't handle the volume, consider using news://news.php.net or set up
some filters in your email client to weed out the crap.

PS  Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was just as bad as the people being
publicly berated.  Cut them some slack, email them off-line to explain how
to work the system to their advantage, and let's get back to work :-)

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