Johnson, Kirk schrieb am Mittwoch, 1. August 2001, 17:55:03:

>> Does anyone know what PHP stands for?

PHP =>> People Hate Perl.

> No, that's just a joke, no flames please :)

> PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

Which does not explain the php - stands for Personal Home Page,
IIRC - there is an interview with Rasmus where he tells the
whole story. Doesn't sound that good these days, but this is
where it comes from: he invented it for personal use on his own
homepage, to find out who looks at his resume. And I think it is
really cute and significant for the whole open source movement -
just like Apache comes from "a patchy" server. He continues that
people approached him to get the code, whence they found bugs he
didn't run across and had ideays he'd never have. So here it

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