Hello !
We could keep things simpler ...
Why not  give a try to this ?:

$watchlist_query = mysql_query( "Create Table $temp ( WId int Not
Nullauto_increment, QId int not null, Primary Key (WId) )" )  or die ("Error
! Cannot  create table !" . mysql_error() );

Hope it would work :o)

(At least the  "mysql_error()" would show you the  error code )


"Coconut Ming" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
>   I am having the problem in the coding below
> <?
> mysql_connect('localhost','123','123') or die ("Unable to connect to SQL
> Server");
> mysql_select_db('Helpwatch') or die ("Unable to select database");
> $temp = $username."watch";
> $watchlist_query = mysql_query("Create Table "$temp"(WId int Not Null
> auto_increment, QId int not null, Primary Key (WId));");
> ?>
> So.. in the above coding. I need to create a table. The table name
> should be a user-define name + "watch"
> I acquire the $username correctly and the variable $temp is working fine
> when I try to echo the value of it.
> Just say. I enter my username as coconut so I wish the mysql query to
> create a table called coconutwatch
> but I can't do that.. Because of the syntax error, the coding I have
> underline is where the parser told me that is an error there.
> I have playing around with it for 2 hours and more... but I cant solve
> it.. Anyway help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely
> Kok Ming

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