someting i've used.

$storywords = explode(" ", $storytext);

for ($i=0;$i<25;$i++) {
         $teaser = $teaser . " " . $storywords[$i];

<? echo "$teaser...";?>

At 03:57 PM 8/8/2001 +1100, Justin French wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'd like to split a text block at 25 words, as a teaser for the full
>article.  Now I know how to split at a certain character, but i don't
>want a half word or anything, so I want (i guess) to hunt for the 25th
>occurence of " " (a space), and split $text into two new variables,
>$text_a and $text_b.
>Then I'll prolly want append something like "... click here to read
>more" on the end of $text_a.
>Seems easy enough, but I can't see anything in the manual about
>splitting on a numbered occurence of a string (but I could be looking
>in the wrong spot :)
>Running PHP4 BTW
>Thanks heaps in advance
>Justin French
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