On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Jeff Lewis wrote:

> Yes I had wondered if someone was going to make that claim :)
> So far I haven't seen much in perl or Java that I CAN'T do in PHP.  The user
> community is much more helpful, the PHP manual online is IMO simply amazing.
> I love that guide :)
> I just rarely see any jobs posted for PHP.  Mostly ASP and Java.....

    Just a plug for my favorite country.. :)

    There are tons of jobs in Germany for PHP developers.. some
    of the largest CMS providers who sell systems for 20K-200K
    EUR deploy PHP and they often have a growing need for more

    Germany is generally quite open towards PHP and related
    technologies; the first dedicated PHP conference was held in
    Germany last year; second, the Government is actually pushing
    the development of open-source technologies and actively
    participates in certain events and open-source conferences;
    third, Germany has now a full-blown registered association
    which will actively work on the promotion of PHP.

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