Hi all.

I habe a strange problem!

I try to get a URL like: www.server.com?var=xyz

the problem is, that this is very good restricted by serverside.

But now I already get the file, and no more the error-message,
but the problem is, that the file will not completly load.

this means, I receive the file, but only the first 4188 bytes from
11988 bytes.

If I call the site with a BROWSER, I'll get the full file, but it
is nessessary to have this page into a string, to read out a specific

what could that be..?
where is the problem?

does anybody know such a problem???

please help me.

If someone believes to have an answer, feel free to
mail me any detailer questions.

thanks for all help.

Tribun (Patrick Lehnen)

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