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> Subject: Re: [PHP] need real expert (geting outer files)
> hi Patrick,
> your question is not entirely clear. 
> > I try to get a URL like: www.server.com?var=xyz
> i would recommend www.server.com/x.php?var=xyz as with a link as 
> www.server.com you are relying on the server (by the way, which server do 
> you use and is the error only at home or only online or...?)  to find a 
> standard file in the root directory of www.server.com. And i'm not sure the 
> ?var=xyz is being passed on to that file then.

AFAIK, apache (at least) will honor this syntax and give
the arguments to the "index" file for the directory --
look in httpd.conf to find out what files are "index" files.

perhaps the problem with your script is that "index.php"
is not being loaded properly by apache (or does not exist)
etc. etc... (or perhaps you're not fread()ing enough of
the return data back into your script).

there could be a million things going on... but, as a first
step, take chris's suggestion and fully specify the filename
like so http://www.server.com/index.php?var=xyz

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