Why would people move away from a package they paid for already? 
if it's backed up by another company - I'm guessing there's probably 
some maintenance
contracts they will be signing.

I'd suggest you (Jay) look at some other OS projects which may be more 
already, and show those.  Chris is right - it depends somewhat on a 
timeline.  But there's
going to have to be some custom work to get things "just right", OR they 
will need to
adapt the business to the software, instead of the software to the 
 (which costs more in the long run?)

re: Windows - I think you're being a bit hard on it.  As much as I 
support Linux, etc., after
a few weeks of teething a Windows setup, we've had it up and running 
any major incidents in over a year.  (SQL7)

re: featureset - what kind of features do you not have that this other 
package has?

Do you already have SQL7 in house?  If not, you'll need to purchase 
SQL2000, which
"seems" to be $5k.  If you do named licensing, it may be a bit cheaper - 
depends on your
company size.  Plus the cost of the Win machine, if you don't already 
have that.  Figure
an extra $6k on top of the cost of the software.  Is it worth $6k to 
have something
next week, or can they wait another month while you feverishly add the 
missing features -
"exactly to spec" - for a custom fit?

Michael Kimsal
PHP Training Courses

PHP List wrote:

>I would have to say it depends on the Timeline of your Boss.
>Releasing the app to the open source community would be great, the more
>there is, the more reason for people to stop using MS, but you can't demand
>a schedule of when new features will be added.
>You may have to go with the MS for now, and wait for your app to be
>developed with the new features, then convince your boss on moving to your
>software. You should be able to move all the data from one to the other
>without to much trouble.

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