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> On Vie 17 Ago 2001 20:39, Dave.O wrote:
> > No offence but you are telling me stuff I already know !   This mailing
> > list is very good so dont take offence due to my frustration.  I know
> > to connect to the server, create the database and more or less query it,
> > but cant find the command to add/insert records or am I doing something
> > very wrong.  I presume this can be done in php
> I don't use MySQL, but I'll give you an example.
> Lets say you have a table in your database like this:
> col1 INT (autoincremental)
> col2 VARCHAR(50)
> and say the name of the table is tab1
> if you want to insert a new row with value 'Dave the great!' whihc is
> in the $var1 variable, you just have to do this:
> $query="INSERT INTO tab1 (col2) VALUES (" . $var1 . ")";
> query_func($query);
> All this after you have connected to the database with the connection
> function of the MySQL extension.
> So, if the query went OK, you have a new record in the database with some
> value in the col1 (integer type) and 'Dave the great!' in col2.
> Undestand?
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> Porqué usar una base de datos relacional cualquiera,
> si podés usar PostgreSQL?
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