No offence but you are telling me stuff I already know !   This mailing list
is very good so dont take offence due to my frustration.  I know how to
connect to the server, create the database and more or less query it, but
cant find the command to add/insert records or am I doing something very
wrong.  I presume this can be done in php

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> On Vie 17 Ago 2001 20:14, Dave.O wrote:
> > I have read the documentation already.
> >
> > I am trying to create a directory, which information can be added and
> > maintained through a the web browser.  I thought that using a MySql
> > database would be a good idea rather than writing it all to a file.  You
> > saying that MySql is a waste of time for this ?
> >
> > I thought that PHP can be used to add records etc and query databases
> > this
> You said that all you found were functions to query information. Thats all
> you need with an SQL database.
> The main SQL query commands are: SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT. With
> those 4 comands you can read, insert and modify (also delete) the
> on your database.
> Hope you understand know.
> Saludos... :-)
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