I've had PHP 3 to 4.01 and now 4.06 running under NT4 SP6a and now with W2K
& IIS 5.  From my experience, the %s %s is a requirement of IIS (not PHP).
This according to Microsoft rules (apparently %s %s is CASE SENSITIVE):

The %s %s has to do with script mappings within IIS.  The closest i've found
to an explanation is:

apparently the "%s %s" are not necessary for ISAPI extensions, as seen at:

I believe that IIS passes the script name to php.exe with the first %s. I
think IIS replaces the first %s with the script name.  From the second
article, I suppose that if the %s is changed to %S, the name passed to
php.exe would be UPPERCASE.   Can anyone verify this?   Apparently, the
second %s is used by IIS to pass any additional parameters to the script.
Like running php.exe from the command line, that would be "php script1.php
parameters".  I think IIS requires the %s's to emulate that behavior.  I
know that PHP runs fine without these, but I haven't verified if the
filename of the script passed to php.exe is upper or lower case when the %s
%s is dropped.   I'll have to do some testing and post the results here.

Another MS page worth looking at:

Who on his sane mind would drop Linux in favor of Win2K and IIS5 (with all
the bugs it has, and those yet to be discovered)?

"Phil Driscoll" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Thursday 16 August 2001 4:45 pm, Powell, Jim (EER) wrote:
> > > Second, make the application extensions point to php.exe (you
> > > don't need the
> > > %s %s stuff).
> >
> > This I have to disagree with.  Without the %s %s, you are rolling dice
> > to whether the page will work or not.  I never had this problem with
> > under win32, but I have with IIS.  I would definitely leave them in
> I'll have to strongly disagree with your disagreement ;)
> --
> Phil Driscoll

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