Found MS explanation!  (at least the only place I've found the reason WHY %s
%s must be used)

I know, this is a KB article for Python, but look closely at the line that
"(The two "%s" after the executable are required for console-based script
interpreters but would not be required for an Internet Server API
[ISAPI]-based script interpreter)."

It's the only MS explanation I've seen as to why the %s %s must be used.
If anyone finds anything more in-depth please expand on my comments.

"Phil Driscoll" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Thursday 16 August 2001 4:45 pm, Powell, Jim (EER) wrote:
> > > Second, make the application extensions point to php.exe (you
> > > don't need the
> > > %s %s stuff).
> >
> > This I have to disagree with.  Without the %s %s, you are rolling dice
> > to whether the page will work or not.  I never had this problem with
> > under win32, but I have with IIS.  I would definitely leave them in
> I'll have to strongly disagree with your disagreement ;)
> --
> Phil Driscoll

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