> First of all, the ISAPI module is not stable. It will just 
> cause you grief so 
> remove it from your filters list.

Now this is a true statement, especially with IIS, it just don't work.
> Second, make the application extensions point to php.exe (you 
> don't need the 
> %s %s stuff).

This I have to disagree with.  Without the %s %s, you are rolling dice as to
whether the page will work or not.  I never had this problem with Apache
under win32, but I have with IIS.  I would definitely leave them in there.

> If you do this to the master web site properties and tell it 
> to override 
> other script map extensions then all your web sites will map 
> onto php. If you 
> have different settings for each of the websites then you 
> will have to 
> configure each one individually.
> Cheers
> -- 
> Phil Driscoll

OK, and now the obvious one, are all your sites in one tree with the root
directory of all of them being pointed at in the php.ini file?  Or have you
set up Virtual domains somehow in the php.ini file with the base of each
site being pointed at?  This killed me for almost 2 weeks.  I had PHP
installed when I changed from Apache to IIS, so all of my sites had to move
to the location of the wwwroot for IIS, well, I forgot to redo the php.ini
file, nothing would work, then I found that dread little variable, and
everything works fine now.

Jim Powell

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