Is this different from the zend optimizer?
        - Dan

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, PHP Accelerator wrote:

> All,
> After a frantic week of development and digging into the bowels of the PHP
> scripting engine, I've produced an initial version of a run time
> accelerator. This works for Linux only, and the current version was built
> with RedHat 7.0.1, PHP 4.0.6, and Apache 1.3.12 and 1.3.20. This is a shared
> library extension to the Zend engine with a one line config entry to the
> php.ini file to enable it.
> I put together a site this evening with some notes, a few performance
> indications, and the downloads at  It is currently far
> from optimal, but it halved the processing time of the index.php file on
> that site for example so it's working in the right direction :-)
> I started this basically because I wanted it to speed up my own site code,
> but then thought that every one (well, us Linux users anyway), should be
> able to have it too.  As I say on the site, this may not work 100% reliably
> yet, and it's only a week old, but now passes all my tests and some complex
> scripts, so is well on the way.
> I welcome any feedback.
> Nick
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