Wait, you blame someone convicting microsoft for a recession? Give me a
break. Things were on the way out before it started.

Alan Greenspan was chasing the 'inflation' demon that didn't exist raising
interest rates when things were going great. It came back to bite him in the
arse with the collapse of the dot-coms.  Now he's cutting them even further
and we can barely break free.

On 8/24/2001 3:30 PM this was written:

> Do you really believe that? As far as I can recall, this recession
> started when a "mean judge" convicted Microsoft for anti-trust
> practices. That caused NASDAQ crash that scared people away from
> investing in tech company stocks. Many Internet companies dried and
> without cash from the investors many went bankrupt. That affected all
> the small or big corporations that have grown and were dependent on the
> networking market. I don't think this affected much non-technological
> companies, big or small. So I don't think  your anti-big corporations
> speech has much to do with this.


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