Richard Lynch wrote:
> > Can small business live from e-commerce today?
> Define small.
> Define e-commerce.
> How about this one, doing *EXTREMELY* well selling CDs online:
> http://CDBaby.com/
> Of course, that has almost nothing to do with his choice of PHP (the
> language he could understand the easiest) and everything to do with
> intelligent business decisions on the back-side.
> No VC.
> No "we'll make money later".
> Just great service at a fair price.
> I'm sure there are others out there.
> *CAN* it be done?  Sure.
> Can the idiots who invested millions in companies with a business plan that
> involved *NO* revenue model make it?  No.

What is "doing extremely well"? Do you know that from facts or you have
just been told?

If they are really doing so well because they have a business plan with
a revenue model, why do they succeed when others that also have a
business plan with revenue model don't?

Would their model work outside the US?

> As far as the future of PHP is concerned, all I can say is:  "Scoreboard"
> :-)
> Does Netcraft or e-Soft show JSP surpassing PHP?  No.
> Do you really think PHP will go stagnant at this point?  Try looking at the
> CVS logs.
> Are you going to convince some Java-kid that he's wrong?  No.

All I can say to you is that there was "then", then there is "now" and
later "we'll see".

Meaning, in the past PHP has grown its user base because it was advanced
for Web development compared to other languages, now other languages are
catching up, later we'll see if PHP will keep its popularity when there
is nobody marketing it assuring that PHP is a credible brand as
programming language.

Anyway, once in a while I bother to make (intentionally) constructive
criticisms to the way PHP development and its community are going.
Usually I get a some of "nay -sayers", tipically in denial, trying to
contradict me. So, I am kind of used to it. Depite of that, it is
interesting that given some time I can see some positive reaction
towards what I say, although not admiting that I influenced their views. 

Never mind, as long as people end up listening and taking some positive
action, it was worth spending my very scarce free time. :-)

Manuel Lemos

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