Richard Lynch wrote:
> > >Do you really believe that? As far as I can recall, this recession
> > >started when a "mean judge" convicted Microsoft for anti-trust
> > >practices. That caused NASDAQ crash that scared people away from
> > >investing in tech company stocks.
> This is the most warped view-point I have heard...
> The NASDAQ crashed when investors finally figured out that all the dot-coms
> they had sunk billions into never had *ANY* revenue at all, and no real plan
> how to generate it, other than the IPO scam itself.
> At a certain point, even Wall Street realizes that there has to be some
> reality behind the numbers.
> There was no question in my mind there would be a net-recession dot-bomb --
> I'm surprised it took that long for the VCs to wise up.

Exactly. :-)

> Microsoft's problems had virtually nothing to do with the NASDAQ crash.

You do know that Microsoft conviction started NASDAQ crash, don't you?
(see the links in my other message)

Of course, Microsoft did not cause it (unless you believe in the theory
of conspiracy ) :-)

Manuel Lemos

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