> These guys resort to these marketing tricks to promote Python as hell,
> and the PHP people just sits and waits doing almost nothing in
> comparision to promote PHP as hard as they can even when they lives
> depend on the acceptance of PHP as a wide spread language!

Manuel, please, give this tirade a rest.  Nobody associated with Python
development was involved in this "amazing" marketing trick you are
referring to.  Somebody just decided to do this on their own.  And now you
are criticizing the PHP developers for not having the same foresight as
the Python developers?

It says so right in their FAQ

"And in answer to some of the more virulent postings on Usenet and in
 other venues, neither Guido van Rossum nor anyone else associated with
 Python development was involved in setting up this project, choosing the
 language, or defining the terms of the competition. Guido was only asked
 to be a judge after the decision to use Python had been made. If we
 had decided to use Perl or Tcl, we would obviously have invited Larry
 Wall or John Ousterhout to join the panel."

If somebody wants to put up $100,000 for a PHP software contest, perfect,
great, we will be every bit as cooperative as the Python developers.


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