Hi everybody,
i'm a newie in php, but i have a general understanding
of it.

Recently, i've installed PHP as a static module on my
Apache-1.3.19 and tried an example i read in PHP

Assume you have a page with a form like this on it:

<form action="action.php" method="post">
Your name: <input type="text" name="name">
You age: <input type="text" name="age">
<input type="submit">

and action.php like this

Hi <?php echo $name; ?>.
You are <?php echo $age; ?> years old.

This action.php is supposed to print out values one
enters to the form fields. Right?

So, my problem is that it doesn't. Instead, it prints
Hi.You are years old.

Can anyone help me to figure it out or to point me to
the right direction so in future i won't annoy you
with my silly questions.

Thanks in advance,

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