... I just thought I would see if anyone else can reproduce it!

Ok. The problem is in the following snippet of code. ( Note : this exmaple
is extremely contrived, and is the essence of a much more complicated
situation involving a function call from a class method... )

     $data = array( "A" => "AA" , "B" => "BB", "C"=> "CC", "D"=> "DD", "E" 
=> "EE" );

     print "<pre>\n";
     foreach ( $data as $key1=>$val1 )
//        foreach ( $data as $key2=>$val2 )
         foreach ( array_keys($data) as $key2 )   // <= PROBLEM IS HERE
             if ( $key1 == $key2 )
                 print "<b>$key2</b>";
                 print $key2;

             print "  ";
         print "\n";

     print "</pre>";

I beleive it should generate
<b>A</b>  B  C  D  E
A  <b>B</b>  C  D  E
A  B  <b>C</b>  D  E
A  B  C  <b>D</b>  E
A  B  C  D  <b>E</b>

Instead it generates
<b>A</b>  B  C  D  E

If I replace the problem line
         foreach ( array_keys($data) as $key2 )

with the alternate
         foreach ( $data as $key2=>$val2 )

then it works fine.

I am using PHP 4.0.4pl1.


Brian White

Brian White
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Phone: +612-93197901
Web:   http://www.steptwo.com.au/

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