"Frederick L. Steinkopf" wrote:
> Manuel,
> Rather than whining about the future of PHP, why don't you be proactive and
> take on the goal of raising the $100,000 for the project?

Because I do not depend on the PHP future for my professional life. That
is a role for PHP core developers that only dedicate to PHP.

Anyway, if you followed the whole thread from the beginning, you would
noticed that I developed the PHP Classes repository. It is a site that
lets developers post their PHP components in the form of PHP classes.
Everytime a developer posts a new class, a notification message is sent
to the site subscribers. The site has now over 42.000 subscribers. Over
300 classes have been contributed by the about 200 authors.

This is a great place for developers get immediate exposure of their
work and for users to find some freely available ready to use components
for their PHP applications. I developed this site originally to
distribute my own PHP classes, but while I was at it I decided to make
it a place for other developers to distribute theirs. So, this helps PHP
being promoted by providing compensation to both the developers and the

This was all planned ahead. The users are required to login to download.
That way I can account acurately the number of users that downloaded the
classes. This way I can compute acurate top download charts, creating a
sort of hall of fame for the most popular PHP Classes and the authors
that contributed them. I antecipated that this way I would be providing
recognition to PHP and all the authors that contributed because in the
end I would have real figures to show to those that doubt of PHP

How much is that worth if you had money to put up front to promote PHP
with a normal marketing campaign? Maybe more that $100.000. If I just
think of the work envolved in the development of the site for all these
two years, it would probably cost more.

I don't do more because I really can't justify putting more time because
these days my professional life does not revolve around PHP, not even
for the Web. Since I really can't do it, coming here expressing my
points on what should be done is much better than nothing.

People that know me, are aware that once in a while I bother to speak up
for the best of PHP, proposing new ways to go and warning about things
that are not being properly addressed. If you look back in the mailing
list archives you will notice that I am often fought by people that
refuse to agree with me, maybe because they are responsible for not
having done what I am proposing or for some reason they don't like to
give me the reason that what I say the right way to go, despite probably
some agree but don't want to admit it.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, as long as something gets done and the future
is brighter for PHP and all those that depend on it. So, history
demonstrated that despite things are not done exactly as I proposed,
something is done, which is better than nothing. I think this is being
proactive, because I am acting with the intention of causing some
progress. It does not cost me money directly, but the intention and the
good consequences are what matter.

Manuel Lemos

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