Here is a snippet example.

function assign() {
         global $adminurl, $string;
         if ($string) {
                 $data = explode ("|", $string);
                 echo "$data[0]";

        $array = array("$new_cat,$assigned_to","$job","$assigned_by")                  
 $string = implode("|",$array);
         return  $string;

The variables that form $array are from the form....

David Robley wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:19, Gerard Samuel wrote:
>>I was doing it like so ==>
>>$string = array(var1, var2...);
>>return string;
>>I also tried to implode the array into a string and return the result,
>>but no go.
>>David Robley wrote:
>>>On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 09:35, Gerard Samuel wrote:
>>>>Hey all.  I just started venturing into functions.  I have a function
>>>>that displays a form, but I have a problem with getting the multiple
>>>>strings back after the submit.  Im tryed a return statement at the
>>>>bottom of the function, but it cannot take more than one string.  I
>>>>tried turning the array into a string and returning just the string
>>>>made sure that the string name was in the global list, still no luck.
>>>>Is it even possible to return mulitple values from a function??
>>>You can only return one variable from a function, but that variable
>>>can be an array.
>>>This is probably obvious, but you are assigning the result of the
>>>function to a variable? Eg
>>>$result = my_function($my_parameter, $my_parameter);
> Perhaps if you could show some of the code?

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