> Well, without knowing more about your search engine, in your page
>  http://www.themysticmoon.com/booksfiles/celtic.html
> try referencing your stylesheet without a full URL. That is, use
> <LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="/sitestyle.css" TYPE="text/css">
> Oh, and I think your stylesheet has a specific font referenced which
> doesn't exist on my machine. Somehow I don't think the results are as you
> would like them to be :-)
> --
Thanks for your reply.. I tried it and it still doesn't work... (I'm very
new at this!)
The script I am using is named "Sitesearch" and it works fine except that it
shows the page title and links instead of the page content..

I can send you a copy of the actual script if you like? search.php
Thanks again for your help..


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