I am using a downloaded PHP sitesearch script and can not get it to read the
page contents past the style sheet..

If I search a text file it will give me the contents exactly as I wish, but
if I search a html document it only gives me the page title and site links..

The page in question is at
http://www.themysticmoon.com/booksfiles/search.php and if you type in conway
it will show you exactly what I mean. First listing is html page, second is
text... I need it to look like second listing..

In the readme file it said to
"When using CSS and Javascript make sure you enclose it in comments or place
it in an external file, otherwise the indexer will index it. "

This is way over the top of my head...I am using a linked stylesheet for the
whole site..
Any ideas gladly welcomed..

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