Hi there,

I have recently taken over the webmaster responsibility for an educational 
website.  It is using PHP3 and MySQL.  We had to move it to a new server, that 
as it turns out only supports PHP4.  I have been looking through all the FAQs, 
resource sites, manuals and documentation, but all I can find as a solution is 
to change all my current file extensions .php3 to just .php !  Can anyone tell 
me if this will work before I start converting probably close to several hundred 
files??  I am going to change and test some files, but would like some advice on 

The type of errors that I get with the current file setup are when clicking on 
any of the links that lead to files in PHP3 are:  You have started to download a 
file of type "application/x-httpd-php3", etc.

Any other tips or info would be appreciated.  This is a bit urgent, as I have 
just found out that the site "director/owner" wants it as functional as possible 
for the start of school this week... so no pressure really... lol.

Thanks in advance.


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