Hello listers

I'm trying to implement a mySQL database dump via PHP4 on a unix system
as follows...

   $result = exec("mysqldump -umyname --password=mypassword 
                  tablename >db.dump",$xarray,$status);
   echo "status[$status]<br>";

I get the following error PHP error message...


and the file 'db.dump' has been created but it has 0 bytes.

   -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 0 Sep 4 13:27 db.dump

Although I can execute the mysqldump program from the unix shell and I

   -rw-r--r-- 1 myname myname 23704 Sep 4 13:18 db.dump

My questions are... 

 1. Can the mysqldump program be executed via PHP or not and if not    
can you please explain why?

 2. Is there another way of doing this via PHP?

Thanks in advance
Tony Frasketi
P.S. Please answer direct, since I'm only subscribed to the digest.

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