Goalposts change.

The zdnet eweek article from last november showed PHP being *THE* fastest
between JSP, ASP, CF and PHP.  PHP was 47 pages/second.  ASP was 43, CF
was 25 or 26, and JSP was 13.  The benchmark was a ecommerce store  -
each system had functionally equivalent code, and ran on the same hardware.

CF got 'top honors' because of its 'ease of use'.  PHP was hands down 
than everything else.  ASP was close, and became way faster when MS rewrote
the code, but I suspect someone rewriting the PHP could have optimized 
it to see
a 100% improvement as well.

Part of the point here is that people will knock it for any reason they 
even if they don't know any better.  We have a client (running PHP) who 
was in
a meeting with one of their clients.  Trying to demo a new service, they 
went to
his site, which was responding very slowly (turns out there was some 
problems along the way  - I *think* in the client's own office).  Their 
"IT" guy
(to use the term loosely) noticed the ".php" and said "Oh well, there's 
your problem -
PHP isn't multithreaded - of course it's going to run really slow.  You 
should use our
______ system" (I forget if it was Java or MS).  The guy was full of it, 
everyone in the meeting got the impression that PHP sucked and was slow
because it's not "multithreaded" (as if ANYONE in that room, including that
dweeb, even understood the term, much less it's impact on performance).

So what do you want to benchmark?  Whatever it is, you really should get 
others from
other camps to develop similar code - get an ASP person (who is good) to 
write a similar
app, do the same with Java, etc.  If you want to contact me privately, I 
be interested in discussing this further (organizing, etc)

Andy Woolley wrote:

>Has anyone ever tested PHP, MySQL on Apache to see just how well it will
>work when put under serious pressure.
>Seems that people all over the world are saying how PHP doesnt cut it when
>pushed to the limit, question is what is the limit?
>Anyone interested in setting up a stress test, to try and prove how good PHP
>really is.

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